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Apple charges Customer 122 times for Lion

14 Aug

Lion since having been announced has been another Apple success at least from a marketing perspective. Many users of the Mac platform have jumped to Lion because of gesture implimintation, software enhancements and the more than a 100 new features that make OS X a more friendly operating system to use. Unfortunately on every Apple release occassion something has to go terribly wrong and this time it costs not your security,  privacy or personal information infact this time it costs you a pretty penny, $3,878.40 to be exact. On July 23rd John Christman purchased OS X Lion and paid $31.79 after sales tax. Condescendingly his Paypal account was charged 122 times to a total cost of $3,878.40, and for what was an innocent purchase of a single copy of OS X Lion ended up to be an unwilling purchase of a  122  copies of OS X Lion. In a quote he stated that Apple and Paypal seem to be just arguing between each other and uptil now he has not recieved a refund.

I personally think that Paypal had nothing to do with this. Paypal acts as a payment system for millions if not billions of online stores and I find it extremely hard to believe Paypal is at fault and although Apple also has many orders coming in everyday they have been known to have a couple payment problems in their system. In anycase I urge Apple as the provider of the software and the owner of the actual store to refund Mr.Christman back as by not refunding him Apple is really showing poor customor support in this situation.

Although it’s nothing to exciting it a peice of news I though was worth sharing with the Scewre community.


Review: 2011 Mac Mini

28 Jul

Sleek aluminum design. Easy access to memory. A built-in power supply.
The new Mac mini makes the most of every square inch.

In sync with Apple’s release of OS X Lion comes a refresh of the Mac Mini line. The 2011 refresh had bold moves and powerful upgrades, read more to uncover additional details.

One of the biggest down fall’s with the previous Mac Mini is that although it wasnt meant to be a pro macine it didn’t   offer basic features, like being able to access the inside. Now with the new Mac Mini there is an easily removable  cover  that you can use to install new memory, perhaps a larger harddrive and there seems to be a way even to access  the Wifi chip if that is an important factor for you. May I add that even if its only the Mac Minis inside the inside of the machine still looks swell and just looks great. Unfortunatly other than basic access to parts there is no other real benefit to having the panel and although it would have been nice to had more acess to the inside it isnt really neccesary in the Mac Mini.

One of the main features I love about Apple products are the clean simple and functional designs at without a doubt Apple has incorporated that in the new Mac Mini and although it’s small upgrade in time you’ll be thankful it was there to start with. This feature is the built in powersupply and because the Mac Mini has one you will only see one cord coming out of the Mac and this quite nice with all the Apple wireless peripherals the only wires you’ll see are the wires to the monitor and electricity outlet which in the world of a clean freak is a dream come true. Again Apple nails the small touches.

The Mac Mini has now been updated to be significantly more funtional with a plutora of new ports, including a new Thunderbolt port as well as an SD card reader in the back, the headphone port also doubles as a microphone and speaker port. There is also the much needed addition of an HDMI port which I though should have been standard a long time ago seing as how the Mac Mini is often used as a media center. There is also a vent that allow air to go through. One thing I have never been fond of in the design of the Mac Mini is the location of the power button being in the back it’s really inconvient and although it’s was placed in that specific spot because of design reasons I really do wish that Apple could find a way to incorporate an on button at the front perhaps the on button could be the light sensor in the front, when you put your hands in front of the light it could turn on, similar to the touch sensitive button’s on older PS3s.


Take a closer look at the front of the Mac Mini…. Notice anything different? That’s right, there’s no opticial disk drive. This is a blod move coming from Apple but I have a feeling it’s a good one. With software avaible online along with digital media access in seconds for heaps lower than physical discs, digital is the future. This move is a bold design statement but with no real use for the superdrive there’s no real reason to have it and with updated preformance the Mac Mini can download and install the drivers for your new printer faster than you can take the software disc out of its case.  In any case if having an CD drive is important to you then Apple does offer an optional external “Super Drive“.

The Mac Mini is and for a long time has been a very effecient machine and for a long time the packaging has been minimal and so has the computer’s power consumption it’s self and now with the new Mac Mini on idle it consumer 13 watts less then when it’s on so for those who work of the computer this is deffenately affecient enough to save you a couple bucks on the monthly bill.

The new Intel core i5 come standard in the Mac Mini the lower end is clocked at 2.3ghz and there is another option for a core i5 clocked at 2.5ghz. If you feel your require even more power Apple’s top end Mac Mini houses at 2.7ghz intel core i7. This is phenomanal the pricepoint of a Mac Mini and may I mention that there are computers much bigger than the Mac Mini that dont even come close to specing it. Below are some benchmarks that compare how much faster the Mac Mini really is in comparasion to it’s predeccors.  I think it is also important to mention that these benchmarks are those of the Baseline Mac Mini.

Mac Mini processor preformance

CiniBenchMultiprocessor render | 2.1x

Modo3D render | 2.0x
MathematicaMathematicaMark8 | 1.8x
ApertureCommon application tasks | 1.8x

The 2.5ghz Mac Mini offers the ATI Radeon HD graphics processor with 256mb GDDR5 memory. This while not being superb is quite decent for a computer with such small form factor. I should also mention that with higher models come even more acceptable specs for graphics but if your a mainstream user than the 2.3ghz baseline Mac Mini offers the Intel HD graphics processor which for regular tasks and light gaming is more than enough.  Below we have some results of the Mac Mini`s speed imporvement over it`s last generation.

Mac Mini Graphics Performance

Portal | 2.0x
Portal 2 | 1.9x
Half-Life 2: Episode Two | 1.8x
StarCraft II | 1.6x

Apple has a long history of keeping peripharls such the mouse and keyboard wireless saving the desk mess this is acomplished via bluetooth and in Apple history there has been a long use of bluetooth. With the new Mac Mini you are assured an even more powerful bluetooth receiever for all your bluetooth peripherals. Another addition is wireless internet and although this is expected from Apple it`s a nice feautre to have in a desktop machine.

For the better or for the worse Apple minimalises on extra`s. With the Mac Mini all you get is the computer itself. This can be as I mentioned a good or bad thing depending on your situation.

Harddrive cutomizability has always been a plus about Apple and with the release of the new Mac Mini come`s some new hardrive options. The Mac mini comes with a 500GB hard drive or an optional 750GB hard drive. This is perfect for you to pack in your photo libraries, movies, music, files, and more. Choose the 256GB solid-state drive for your 2.5GHz Mac mini, and it will be even more responsive, boot up even faster, and launch applications in no time.

The coolest part of all of this is the fact that the Mac Mini is ready for you to let the lion lose right out of the box and by this I mean that the new Mac Mini out of the box comes with OS X Lion, which is an added bonus.

The Mac Mini is a great machine and starting at only $599 it`s definately afforable and it is defienately comparable to the PC on the market becuase of the starting price alone. It offer`s bold design changes and great preformance upgrades. I should also mention that the clean design especially with the power cord is a great bonus for many users. Unfortunately despite it`s pricetag I cant really warrant an upgrade unless you are a regular computer user who works directly of the computer. On the contrary it`s still remains a vaible option if you are looking for a begginer Mac and it`s great for Mainstream users looking to do everyday tasks.

If you are looking for additonal information about the new Mac Mini look no further than Apple`s website.