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Apple charges Customer 122 times for Lion

14 Aug

Lion since having been announced has been another Apple success at least from a marketing perspective. Many users of the Mac platform have jumped to Lion because of gesture implimintation, software enhancements and the more than a 100 new features that make OS X a more friendly operating system to use. Unfortunately on every Apple release occassion something has to go terribly wrong and this time it costs not your security,  privacy or personal information infact this time it costs you a pretty penny, $3,878.40 to be exact. On July 23rd John Christman purchased OS X Lion and paid $31.79 after sales tax. Condescendingly his Paypal account was charged 122 times to a total cost of $3,878.40, and for what was an innocent purchase of a single copy of OS X Lion ended up to be an unwilling purchase of a  122  copies of OS X Lion. In a quote he stated that Apple and Paypal seem to be just arguing between each other and uptil now he has not recieved a refund.

I personally think that Paypal had nothing to do with this. Paypal acts as a payment system for millions if not billions of online stores and I find it extremely hard to believe Paypal is at fault and although Apple also has many orders coming in everyday they have been known to have a couple payment problems in their system. In anycase I urge Apple as the provider of the software and the owner of the actual store to refund Mr.Christman back as by not refunding him Apple is really showing poor customor support in this situation.

Although it’s nothing to exciting it a peice of news I though was worth sharing with the Scewre community.


Empire Avenue: Equity Based Purchases

28 Jul

Empire Avenue for those who aren’t familiar is a social networking game where based on your online interaction on social networks you are given a score. This score can then over time increase or decrease depending on your social interaction similar to concept of a stock market interface that is the basis of Empire Avenue itself. Recently, I ventured extensively into some more areas of Empire Avenue to see if there are any new techniques I can use. Eventually I made a discovery and after doing a little bit of thinking I figured out how to make equity based purchases that can both increase your share price and help you create a brick and mortar foundation in the case that your “stock portfolio” drops in value.

To start the explanation log into your account at Empire Avenue and navigate to (http://www.empireavenue.com/profile/money/). Then, look for the grey box that states your current bank balance.

You will see that I have highlighted the Net Wealth row. Net Wealth is the combined value of your assets. In the case of Empire Avenue your assets are the people you have invested in or your “Portfolio Wealth” and the Luxury Items you bought from the in-game shop. You will notice that these two categories totaled makes your net wealth. What I am trying to prove is that the amount you have invested in people can any drop drastically similar to the stock market and if you don’t own any “Luxury Items” your luxury wealth will be zero and your Net Wealth will have to completely rely on your portfolio. This means that any drastic changes you make on your portfolio can affect your stock price and your overall dividend return. That is why the shop is such an important aspect of the game because without owning Luxury Items you have no equity and thus your Luxury Wealth is nothing. Buying from the shop can increase your Luxury Wealth and create a brick and mortar foundation in the case that your portfolio drastically drops in value.

The folks at Empire Avenue having already realized this added a cool little bonus when you buy a luxury item! When you own an item every day your item increases in value and little by little it increases your Net Wealth as well so even if you can’t buy stocks or luxury items regularly every day your Net Wealth increases by a little bit. That’s an awesome bonus  because you’re raising your wealth for free.

The higher the value of the item the higher your Net Wealth increase is. You will also find that items in the shop that you buy with real money give you an extremely high Net Wealth increase and they give you actual Weekly Earnings that you can actually spend. A good example of the benefits in paid items would be the castle.

Owning equity plays a big part in the game of Empire Avenue and obviously the people who developed the game made it a core element. Whenever you can, I strongly recommend buying Luxury Items from the in-game shop to balance out your portfolio and to grow your Net Wealth. I hope this article has given the Empire Avenue in-game shop more importance because of right now many consider it a novelty when in truth it can drastically change the tables of the game.