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Logitech X-540 5.1 Speakers Review

5 Aug

Are you on a tight budget but want a great set of surround sound speakers? If you are, then Logitech has a great product for you! The Logitech X-540 5.1 surround sound system is a great sounding set that won’t break the bank. These speakers deliver phenomenal sound even though they only use 2” drivers in each satellite and a 5.25” subwoofer that pack a punch without using too much power, using only 75 watts RMS. They use the good old analog connections that are clearly indicated in green for the front left and front right channels, black for the rear left and rear right channels, and orange for the centre channel and subwoofer. At the back of the subwoofer is a power cable, a wired remote, and 5 RCA connections for each satellite. Each channel is colour labeled to their corresponding connector. The length of each cable is decent, but extensions may be required depending on your setup. Logitech has implemented Frequency Directed Drivers ² (FDD²) which is a key feature in the 2 drivers in each of the 5 satellites which comes to a total of 10 drivers not including the subwoofer. FDD² is used to help with your position in the surround setup. You don’t need to be absolutely centred in order to hear the sounds in the proper place which is similar to how 3D is used in movie theatres where everyone can see the image in 3D as they intended in any seat. With all of that said, let’s get on to the review.

I’ve owned these speakers for 10 months now and they sound as great as when I purchased them brand new, out of the box. They’re great for gaming, watching movies and of course listening to music. When they’re used for gaming, you can hear those guys coming up behind you on your favourite FPS or when you’re immersed in those cut scenes that make you feel like you’re in the game. I enjoy playing a game of Call of Duty once in a while and when I do that with these speakers, they have definitely helped me defeat the enemies without using a headset that can be uncomfortable after prolonged use. A lot of headsets are only stereo and use digital processing that isn’t true surround, but some higher end headsets have enough drivers in them that are dedicated for each channel. Although that may save a lot of space, it will likely cost more than the X-540s that also allow you to feel the explosions.

Watching movies using these speakers will allow you to enjoy an experience similar to a theatre depending on the rest of your setup of course. These speakers really show off their capabilities especially while watching an action packed movie such as the quite recent Transformers: Dark of the Moon when Optimus Prime fights his way through the Decepticons.

When you can’t watch movies, or want to listen to music while doing something else you can do that knowing that you have a great set of speakers with powerful bass. They aren’t really meant for your apartment especially if your flooring isnt very sound proof because when I crank the bass up, the people under me come complaining. Even though I can’t turn it up too loud without the neighbours complaining, I can still turn it up to an enjoyable listening level while keeping the neighbours happy. Grab these if you can even if they aren’t on sale because they are well worth every penny, from the excellent sound, to the convenience of having a remote that even has bass controls and a headphone output which mutes the speakers when you plug some in for private listening unless you have the money to use these speakers as an audio extension.