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Toys R Us to Carry Amazon Kindle in Stores

1 Aug

The Amazon Kindle has made a good reputation for itself. Many prefer the Kindle as their e-reader of choice because of it’s inexpensive price and portable form factor. The Kindle has also created an advance content ecosystem that has proven to benefit it as for many getting a book in the e-format on the first day in Kindle store is all the reason to go with the Kindle as other e-reader manufacturars can not yet guarantee what Amazon has accomplished.

The Kindle had for the longest time been stuck as an online-only item but recently the Kindle has pushed itself into the retail market  and the Kindle now sells in stores such as Target, Best Buy, RadioShack and the AT&T store.

The Kindle strives to be both successful in the online and retail space and it  is growing in popularity over time and on July 31st 2011 Amazon plans on selling the Kindle in the Toys R US retail store which may prove to be benefitial in the youth market.

What benefit would it get at a Toys R US? Well recently Amazon has been trying  to market the Kindle as an e-reader that you can read your textbooks of of and save money yearly on your textbooks and in order to further imply this marketing strategy putting Kindle’s in a Toys R US can attract attention from adults and youth.

Amazon is also reported to sell some accessories along with the Kindle at Toys R US.

I personally believe in general that entering the retail space is a smart move as it will create more exposure around the product and for those who don’t shop online having Kindle’s in the retail store may create the oppurunity to be able to finally purchase a Kindle in contrary to when it was much harder to get because you had to buy it online. The Kindle is only now entering the retail space and we were wondering how do you think the Kindle will do?