Scewre founded by Adithya Sudarsan is a website that is focused on helping humans. Like every other blog we post reviews, news, tips, tricks and we’re kind of a bunch of geeks as well but the difference between Scewre and other blogs is that we want to help you! We want to gear reviews and articles towards you and how you do things. Scewre along with being tech savvy is also financially savvy so you’ll find some interesting financial articles as well, and the main reason we are different from every other blog out there is because we talk about what we love not what our readers necessarily want because we know if we talk about what we love we can pour or heart and soul into it and no matter the topic we know we can make it interesting and beneficial for you to read.

While writing for our readers is the main reason our site is live right now we also encourage social interaction outside the blog. Here are some links that can help you interact in the Scewre community.

  • Follow us on Twitter where you can view tweets, replies and opinions as we post and think of them
  •  Advertising opportunities for companies, brands and individuals looking for exposure

The Scewre community is encouraged to speak out and share which can easily be done via email. We are currently in growth mode and we have yet to build and expand but for now this who we are Scewre a simple community looking to help humans.

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