Why I might still buy an HP Touchpad

22 Aug

Recently, Hewlett-Packard announced it’s decision to discontinue supporting the webOS platform. The primary reason for webOS’s demise seems to be because HP didn’t really think out the commitment it was going to take to break into the tablet market but never the less its not a situation I am really crying over as there are an abundance of choices,  some of them haven’t even been discovered so it’s not like the whole tablet market is bound to collapse and even if HP’s webOS was going to continue staying the market I still would not have bought it over the iPad and many superior tablets such as the Galaxy Tab 10.1 or Acer Iconia Tab.

Anyway’s HP recently told its partners such as Staples, Best Buy and Futureshop to put the HP Touchpad on firesale (hopefully I used the term properly) , this means that the price of the HP Touchpad has been slashed in order to generate consumer interest in purchasing the HP Touchpad. Unfortunately this was the only way for HP to get rid of the inventory (and also an expensive way as they lost millions by slashing the prices) they had in stores and in their warehouse.  Overnight the price point of the HP Touchpad dropped to $99 for the 16gb and $149 for the 32gb which as you can imagine definitely generates consumer interest. So much so that I was looking to buy one as well (possibly for the wrong reasons)…..

The first reason was because here on Scewre we have yet to experience webOS in it’s supposed glory and give it a thorough review but the second reason we were thinking of buying an HP Touchpad was simply because we thought some how someone will find a way to root Android onto it and besides experiencing webOS it would also be a great way to experience Honeycomb and perhaps even Ice Cream sandwich (when it comes out) if that is possible. However, I just thought it would be great to have a Tablet in general. It would be a great opportunity to experience  a tablet and figure out it’s position in my everyday activities (if it even has a position), I also felt that the inexpensive price allowed me to buy it over previous situations where due to high prices I had no immediate plans of buying a tablet in general.

In the comments, tell us if you had any plans of buying a tablet and the HP webOS situations stopped you from doing so, and if it didn’t why? Also give us any general thought(s) we would be happy to read them and share them abroad.


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